Howling Dog Art: Handcrafted Jewellery On Handcrafted Displays

Howling Dog Art: Handcrafted Jewellery Displayed on Multi-grooved Hardwood Plywood Necklace Displays

As a jewellery designer, Christine Ng-Nickerson is no stranger to the importance of a beautiful and functional display. That's why she turned to our multi-grooved hardwood plywood necklace displays from to showcase her stunning handmade pieces.

Multi-grooved necklace displays

From Biochemistry to Jewellery Design

Christine's journey to becoming a jewellery designer wasn't a straight path. After graduating from the University of Ottawa with degrees in biochemistry and chemical engineering, she found herself unable to resist the urge to create beaded jewellery during her downtime. Eventually, that creative urge led her to leave the world of engineering and establish Howling Dog Jewellery.

Now, after 20 years in business, Howling Dog Jewellery is sold in various boutiques across the country and displayed in fine museums.


Artisanal Craftsmanship and Graceful Simplicity

Christine is a self-taught jewellery designer who strives to create pieces that embody artisanal craftsmanship and graceful simplicity. She draws inspiration from the beauty of nature and from current fashion trends, combining sterling silver, silver filled, 24K gold vermeil, semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, and genuine freshwater pearls into classic pieces.

With two seasonal collections introduced each year, each Howling Dog piece is a unique treasure.

The Importance of a Beautiful Jewellery Display

For Christine, it's not just about creating beautiful jewellery – it's also about displaying it in a way that highlights its beauty and craftsmanship. That's why she chose multi-grooved hardwood plywood necklace displays from Saw It Love It to showcase her pieces.

Not only do these displays provide a beautiful backdrop for Howling Dog's jewellery, but they also keep the pieces organised and easily accessible for customers. Whether displayed in a boutique or a museum, these hardwood plywood necklace displays add a touch of elegance to any shop display.

Inspired by the Beauty of the Northwest Coast

Christine lives and works in Richmond, BC, where the natural beauty of the Northwest Coast never ceases to inspire her. With a focus on artisanal craftsmanship and graceful simplicity, her pieces reflect the beauty of the world around us.

And with the help of multi-grooved hardwood plywood necklace displays from us, those pieces are displayed with the elegance and beauty they deserve.

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