Circular Earring Display
Circular Earring Display
Circular Earring Display with sizes
Circular Earring Display
Circular Earring Display
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Stud Earring Storage | Circular Earring Display

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This circular stud earring storage display is the perfect solution to your jewellery organisation needs. Crafted from hardwood plywood and designed to be both space-saving and stylish, this display offers an effortless way to store and showcase your stud earrings in a single, compact place.

With this display you can easily choose which ones you want to wear as the display is small and lightweight, allowing you to easily pick it up and make your choice. By keeping your earrings organised you'll lose less of them and you will wear more of the earrings you love and cherish.

The size of the  is 125 tall x 125mm wide and this has 34 pairs of holes.

Made from a 6mm hardwood ply.

The finish used in the photos is dark brown.